A seasoned financial services professional with over 2 decades of experience with expertise in Investment Management, Quantitative & Statistical Investments/Trading Systems & Investment Banking.

The investment management has been driven by systematic risk management and a quantitive fundamental valueinvesting approach towards markets. The focus has been on strategies that take advantage of the low coverage, strong trends, high volatility and enduring price value inefficiencies, which result from relatively low market participation.

Beyond his professional pursuits, Sudhanshu dedicates a significant portion of his time to intellectual growth through avid reading and maintains a physically active lifestyle, engaging in multi-martial arts and kettlebell training.

Girish G Gangawat is a visionary leader in investor relations and fund raising with 18+ years of expertise. He’s driven investor strategies for Indian firms, accumulating market intelligence and fostering a strong client network. Presently, he’s focused on advancing investor relations and management consulting.

In key roles at Motilal Oswal Securities and Deutsche Bank, Girish excelled in corporate access, leveraging relationships with respected institutional investors. His earlier tenure at Adfactors PR played a pivotal role in driving success for equity fund raising initiatives among emerging companies. Girish’s seasoned expertise has significantly shaped growth in these sectors.

Our Execution Team

Our team comprises individuals with over decades of collective experience in the financial research industry. Their expertise spans equity research, market research and consulting assignments.

Additionally, our team includes creative talents dedicated to ensuring our corporate communications are compelling, unique, and aligned with the client’s voice. With our collective multitude of years in experience, we adeptly transform intricate facts and figures into engaging narratives that captivate and persuade investors.

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