Looking for sophisticated Private Equity Advsiory?

Searching for a First class Corporate Access partner?

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We showcase investment opportunities to institutional investors and family offices.

Our Services

Private Equity Advisory

Our knowledge across industries empowers us to identify emerging themes and position transactions, within their perspective.

Investment Banking

Working experience of several years with multiple companies and investment communities has enabled us to counsel our clients on interactions and relations with stakeholders.

Corporate Access

DerivativeSaint partners with institutions & corporate to bridge the communication gap. We make it easy to get what investors need when they need it.

We aim to provide companies with

Comprehensive, Reliable, Conflict-free information, Analysis and Advice on prospective investors and fund-raising avenues

A Place That Helps Growth

DerivativeSaint is a Proprietary Investments, Investment Banking and Corporate Access outfit based out of Mumbai. We work with institutional investors & corporates to raise funds through private equity and secondary market structures, along with IPO advisory.

DerivativeSaint delivers high-quality strategic advice and solutions to Corporates, Institutional Investors & Family Offices. We pride ourselves in our resourcefulness and work on a large variety of initiatives. Our vast transaction experience ranges from secondary market equity placements to venture capital, private equity, mergers and acquisitions and pre- IPO & IPO investments.

Internal Processes

Our commitment to meticulousness and accuracy shines through in the creation of detailed investment memorandums and presentations. These materials, aligned with international standards, significantly impact both target investors and investee companies.

Our top-down approach, combined with detailed maps growth potential for target industries and companies. This is followed by thorough company and industry analysis, including financial insights, for a comprehensive understanding.


Our approach includes peer comparison and valuation through diverse methodologies.

We maintain active engagement with a range of companies and sectors, regularly assessing industry trends to uncover valuable investment opportunities.

Throughout our processes, we foster substantial interactions with company officials. This involves on-site visits, exploration of marketplaces, and engaging with peers to gain comprehensive insights.

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